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Now that you have completed installing ClustrixDB, you will need to verify that NTP is running so that the nodes system clocks will remain synchronized. 

ClustrixDB requires that system clocks to be in synch to perform upgrades and so that log timestamps can be correlated. ClustrixDB will generate Database Alerts if the clocks skew too much between nodes in a cluster.

The ClustrixDB installer automatically installs and configures ntp. To verify ntp is running correctly:

shell> /opt/clustrix/bin/clx cmd 'ntpstat' 

sample result:

{nid: 1, hostname:, ip:}
synchronised to NTP server ( at stratum 4
 time correct to within 1005 ms
 polling server every 64 s 

Example output of ntp not running properly:

{nid: 1, hostname:, ip:}
Unable to talk to NTP daemon. Is it running?

You can verify that the clocks are in sync between the nodes with the following command (this assumes that the clx tool is able to properly authenticate between nodes):

/opt/clustrix/bin/clx cmd 'date'

You can similarly verify ntp on all nodes with the following command:

/opt/clustrix/bin/clx cmd 'ntpstat' 
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