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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ML1 and version 5.3


Use the REGEXP function to query the following statistics. This example queries transactions per second from the prior 24 hours:

sql> USE clustrix_statd;
sql> SELECT timestamp, value, name 
     FROM clustrix_statd.statd_history 
     NATURAL JOIN clustrix_statd.statd_metadata 
     WHERE name REGEXP 'tps$' 
     AND timestamp > now() - interval 1 day 
     ORDER BY timestamp DESC; 


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as
clustrix.stats.connectionsconnectionsTotal number of connections to the clusterNumber of connectionscounter


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as
clustrix.containers.countcontainers.countNumber of containers in use by
XpandContainer Countgauge
clustrix.cluster.nodes_in_quorumnodes_in_quorumNumber of nodes currently online and in the clusterNumber of nodes onlinegauge
clustrix.stats.bigc_value.node.nnbigc_value.node.*XID value through which garbage collection will clean upBigC value by nodegauge
clustrix.stats.fc_wait_time.node.nnfc_wait_time.*Total time all queries spent waiting for flow control (inter-node communication)Time waiting on flow controlcounter
clustrix.stats.key_caches_updates.node.nnkey_caches_updates.node.Number of times the PD Cache issued update keys. This statistic is sometimes useful for support.PD Cache keys updatedcounter
clustrix.stats.layer_merge_bytes.node.nnlayer_merge_bytes.node.Size is bytes of layer merge operations by nodeLayer merge bytes by nodecounter
clustrix.stats.layer_merge_rows.node.nnlayer_merge_rows.node.Number of rows merged by layer merge operations by nodeLayer merge rows by nodecounter
clustrix.stats.pdcache_fetches.node.nnpdcache_fetches.node.Number of times the PD Cache fetched new PDsPD Cache fetches by nodecounter
clustrix.stats.pdcache_loaded.node.nnpdcache_loaded.node.Number of times the PD Cache loaded new PDsPD Cache loaded by nodecounter
clustrix.stats.qpc_missesqpc_missesNumber of times a query was missed by the QPCQuery Plan Cache, missescounter
clustrix.stats.qpc_recompilesqpc_recompilesNumber of times the QPC recompiled queriesQuery Plan Cache, recompilescounter
clustrix.stats.queries_not_using_indexesqueries_not_using_indexesNumber of queries on the cluster not using any indexQueries not using indexescounter


walltime_(read|write)_usTotal wall time (elapsed) of read or write queriesWall time of read or write queriescounter


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as




Metrics for various Rebalancer actionsVarious Rebalancer actions.counter
clustrix.cluster.total_nodescluster.total_nodesThe total number of nodes configured for your cluster (not just in quorum)Total number of nodes gauge


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as interface)

latency_ms.avg.node.Network latency average per nodeNetwork Latency avg by nodegauge|max|avg)latency_ms....$Network latency min/max/avgNetwork latency min/max/avggauge


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as


core0.node.*TIL CPU core-0 utilization by nodeTil CPU Core-0 by nodegauge


til_avg$Average core utilization for the cluster, excluding core-0Average Til CPUgauge
clustrix.activity.til_avg.node.nntil_avg.node.*Average TIL core (non core-0) utilization per node in a clusterAverage Til CPU by nodegauge
clustrix.activity.til_(min|max|avg).node.nntil_(min|max|avg).node.TIL CPU core (non core-0) utilization min/max/avgTil CPU min/max/avg by nodegauge


til_max$Max core utilization for the cluster, excluding core-0Max Til CPUgauge
clustrix.activity.til_max.node.nntil_max.node.*Average TIL core (non core-0) utilization per node in a clusterMax Til CPU by nodegauge


cpu.load_...$CPU Core min/max database utilization onlyDatabase CPU min/maxgauge
clustrix.cpu.load.node.nn.cpu.0load.node.*.cpu.0CPU Core-0 by node database utilization onlyDatabase CPU Core only core-0 by nodegauge
clustrix.cpu.load.node.nn.cpu.nnload.node.*.cpu.[^0]\d*CPU Cores excluding core-0 by node database utilization onlyDatabase CPU core excluding core-0 by nodegauge
clustrix.lockman.wait_ms.(min|max|avg)lockman.wait_ms....$Total time all queries spent waiting on locksTime waiting on query locksgauge
clustrix.qpsqps$Cluster wide Queries per secondCluster QPSgauge
clustrix.response_time.read_usresponse_time.read_usCluster query read latency, number of queries divided by runtimeCluster read latencygauge
clustrix.response_time.write_usresponse_time.write_usCluster query write latency, number of queries divided by runtimeCluster write latencygauge
clustrix.stats.executing_sessionsexecuting_sessionsThe number of sessions currently executingSessions currently executinggauge
clustrix.stats.qps_total.node.nnqps_total.nodeQueries per second by nodeQPS by nodecounter
clustrix.stats.tm_cpu_waittime_ustm_cpu_waittimeThe total amount of time queries spent waiting due to the fair schedulerFair Scheduler wait timecounter
clustrix.stats.tps_total.node.nntps_total.nodeTransactions per second by nodeTPS by nodecounter
clustrix.tpstps$Cluster wide Transactions per secondCluster TPSgauge


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as
clustrix.stats.Com_(delete|insert|select|update)Com_(delete|insert|select|update)$Number of queries separated by query typeQueries by typecounter
clustrix.stats.Com_(delete|insert|select|update)_usCom_(delete|insert|select|update)_usAmount of run time by query typeTime per query typegauge
clustrix.stats.runtime_read_usruntime_read_usTotal runtime of read queriesRuntime of read queriescounter
clustrix.stats.runtime_write_usruntime_write_usTotal runtime of write queriesRuntime of write queriescounter


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as
clustrix.replication.slave.relay_log_bytes.(slave)relay_log_bytes[^_]Size in bytes of the relay logs for the replication slaveRelay log bytes for all slavesgauge
clustrix.replication.slave.bytes_read.(slave)slave.bytes_readBytes read by the replication slaveBytes read by slavecounter
clustrix.replication.slave.events_read.(slave)events_readNumber of events read by the replication slaveEvents read by slavecounter
clustrix.replication.slave.seconds_behind_master.(slave)seconds_behind_masterSeconds behind master value for all replication slavesSlave seconds behind mastergauge


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as


rows_read.node..$Number of rows read by node at the container levelRows read by node, containercounter


rows_written.node..$Number of rows written by node at the container levelRows written by node, containercounter
clustrix.containers.rows_(deleted|inserted|replaced)rows_(deleted|inserted|replaced)$Number of rows deleted, inserted and updated at the container levelRows, deleted, inserted, updatedcounter
clustrix.containers.rows_(read|written)containers.rows_(read|written)$Number of rows read and written at the container levelRows read and written, containercounter


rows_deleted$Number of rows deletes at the container levelRows deleted, container levelcounter


rows_inserted$Number of rows inserted at the container levelRows inserted, container levelcounter


containers.rows_read$Number of rows read at the container levelRows read, container levelcounter


rows_replaced$Number of rows updated at the container levelRows updated, container levelcounter


rows_written$Number of rows written at the container levelRows written, container levelcounter
clustrix.stats.tm_rows_outputtm_rows_outputNumber of rows written by queriesRows written, transaction managercounter
clustrix.stats.tm_rows_readtm_rows_readNumber of rows read by queriesRows read, transaction managercounter


Metric NameREGEXPDescriptionMeasuresGraph as
clustrix.capacity.disks.(avg|max|min)_used_percent[avg|max|min]_used_percentThe min/max/avg disk capacity usedPercentage of disks in usegauge segment)

disk.bytes_read.node.Not applicable for virtual environments (i.e. i3s).Bytes read at the kernel levelcounter segment)disk.bytes_written.node.Not applicable for virtual environments (i.e. i3s).Bytes written at the kernel levelcounter segment)disk.pct_utilization.nodeDisk utilization metric for individual physical disks hosting the vdev file (e.g. through an md RAID device)Disk utilizationgauge segment)read_latency_ms.node.Average read latency from IO time over the same periodStorage read latency, kernel level by nodegauge segment)write_latency_ms.node.Average write latency from IO time over the same periodStorage write latency, kernel level by nodegauge$Device1 bytes read, cluster levelDevice1 bytes read, cluster levelcounter*.vdev.3Device1 bytes read by nodeDevice1 bytes read by nodecounter bytes read per secondDevice1 bytes read per secondgauge$Device1 bytes written, cluster levelDevice1 bytes written, cluster levelcounter*.vdev.3Device1 bytes written by nodeDevice1 bytes written by nodecounter bytes written per secondDevice1 bytes written per secondgauge*.vdev.3Device1 read latency by nodeDevice1 read latency by nodegauge*.vdev.3Device1 sync latency by nodeDevice1 sync latency by nodegauge*.vdev.3Device1 write latency by nodeDevice1 write latency by nodegauge