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Table of Contents

Licensing Overview

ClustrixDB Xpand must have a valid license in order to run. This license specifies:

  1. The maximum number of nodes allowed in the cluster
  2. The maximum number of cores that will be utilized by ClustrixDBXpand

On bare metal systems, ClustrixDB Xpand will attempt to enable the same number of physical cores as licensed and utilize hyperthreading if available. For virtualized systems, ClustrixDB Xpand will enable the number of cores available. If the cluster does not have a valid or current license, the database will operate in read-only mode.


To obtain a license key, please contact Clustrix Xpand Sales

Enterprise Licenses are based on a cluster_id, which is a machine-generated unique identifier for your cluster. The value for cluster_id is available by providing the following at a MySQL prompt:

sql> select @@cluster_id;

Applying a License

Licenses are delivered as long strings of text that begin and end in { } braces. Whenever entering a license key, be sure to include the braces too.

Specify the license key at the command line:

sql> set global license = 'license_key_including_braces';

If valid, the license is applied dynamically and does not require a restart of the ClustrixDB Xpand services.

Updating Your License

Contact Clustrix Xpand Sales to obtain a new license when you want to add nodes, add cores, or renew your license. 


To check the status of your license, run the following query to determine whether your license is valid:

sql> select system.license_valid();

If your license is not valid, the results of the following query can tell you why:

sql> select system.license_status();