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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ML1 and version 9.2


Maximum Disk Utilization % = (Total Nodes - k) * 80 / Total Nodes

In the formula above, k represents represents one of the following (whichever is larger):

  • Value of  of MAX_FAILURES global global variable (default value = 1)
  • The total number of nodes in a zone (if an entire zone were to fail). Refer to Zones for more information on how ClustrixDB works in zones. 


80 is the default value for the databasefull_user_warn_percentage threshold. If your applications write data at a rate that fills the cluster aggressively, use a value that is less than 80% in your calculations. This will ensure that data can continue to be written while you are waiting for replacement node(s) to join the cluster and for data redistribution to complete.


To configure the databasefull_user_warn_percentage threshold, and others related to database space utilization, please see Managing File Space and Database Capacity.


Using this sample chart of pre-calculated thresholds, a 9 node cluster (not deployed in zones) with MAX_FAILURES = 1 will require that the database not exceed 71.11% capacity to ensure successful completion of reprotect actions in the event of a node failure.