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This section describes how ClustrixDB handles various types of failures and tells you how best to recover from them if they occur.

Table of Contents

Front-end Network Failure


This message simply indicates that not all data has a full set of replicas available. The global variable rebalancer_reprotect_queue_interval_s specifies how long the Rebalancer should wait for a node to re-join the cluster before starting to create additional replicas.


If there is insufficient disk space for all replicas, the Reprotect process will be unable to complete. Consider adding additional capacity by Expanding Your Cluster's Capacity - Flex Up. See Managing File Space and Database Capacity.

Missing Replicas

In If the event that the cluster has lost more than MAX_FAILURES  nodes and/or zones than specified for MAX_FAILURES , the cluster will be unable to reprotect. The Rebalancer activity log (system.rebalancer_activity_log) will show "Representation not found" errors.