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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ML1 and version 9.2


NameDescriptionDefault ValueSession Variable

Fanout Variables

query_fanoutEnables or disables Fanoutquery fanout. This takes precedence over all other fanout variables.True



If enabled, INSERT INTO ... SELECT FROM ... queries will use Fanout. This takes precedence over query_fanout_all_writes.



query_fanout_all_writesIf enabled, Enable fanout for INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries will use Fanout. Use an explicit ORDER BY clause to control the sequence of the data, if necessary. Order of writes is not guaranteed.False


query_fanout_min_rowsOnly queries expected to read more than this many rows will fan out.5000(tick)

Related Variables

gtm_schedule_tilEnables or disables ClustrixDB’s Enable the Completely Fair Scheduler.


sigma_skiplistEnables or disables Enable skiplist containers for sigmas (used for aggregates and sorting).False


Disable Fanout

This will completely disable Fanout and each query will use only one CPU. This will affect performance and this setting should only be changed if advised by Clustrix Support.