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What is the Fair Scheduler?

The ClustrixDB Fair Scheduler ensures that long-running queries do not monopolize CPU resources. It does this by prioritizing queries that return fewer rows ahead of queries that return a larger number of rows. This helps balance workloads across nodes and is particularly useful for clusters that mix long-running Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and shorter-running Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).

The Fair Scheduler will prioritize any query that reads 100 (by default) or fewer rows ahead of any running query that is processing more then 100 rows. The global variable gtm_schedule_til_batch_rows is used to control the row threshold.




Default Value

gtm_schedule_tilEnables or disables ClustrixDB’s Enable the Completely Fair Scheduler.
gtm_schedule_til_batch_rowsThe number of rows Rows to process in a query before rescheduling.100

Examining the Impact of the Fair Scheduler