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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ML1 and version 5.3

The device1 file in ClustrixDB Xpand is used for all database data, undo logs, temporary tables, Binlogs, and ClustrixDB Xpand system objects. ClustrixDB Xpand ensures that the device1 file is the same size on all nodes of the cluster. Once the optimum size of the device1 file is derived, it rarely requires change.


To reduce the size of the device1 file cluster-wide, follow these instructions. This may be necessary when upgrading to Clustrix Xpand 7.5 or greater on a cluster that is already at or near capacity or for workloads that utilize large sorts or aggregates.


$ device resize 1 800g 

Clustrix Xpand recommends leaving 50 - 100 GiB of free or work space available on each drive. This is site-specific and Clustrix Xpand Support can provide guidelines for your specific workload.