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To configure the Alerter within ClustrixDB Xpand to use AWS SES:

  1. You need valid AWS SES credentials. These are not the same as your Amazon credentials but can be derived from them.
    See Obtaining Your Amazon SES SMTP Credentials. 
  2. All email addresses provided to the Alerter must be verified by AWS SES. Providing even one unauthorized email prevents the Alerter from sending any alerts.
    See Verifying Email Addresses in Amazon SES. 
  3. The source email must also be verified using step 2 above. By default it is [email protected]. Email addresses used in the verification process are case sensitive. Use lower case for this address.


  4. Configure the Alerter with these SMTP parameters.

    Parameter NameProvide the following





    Use the AWS SES credentials obtained from step 1


    Use the AWS SES credentials obtained from step 1



  5. Configure alerts_subscriptions.

    Insert verified email addresses from above per this sample:

    sql> INSERT INTO system.alerts_subscriptions VALUES ('[email protected]');

See Database Alerts for complete instructions for ClustrixDBXpand's Alerter.