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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ML1 and version 5.3

ClustrixDB Xpand provides general compatibility with MySQL and MariaDB functionality, but does not guarantee compatibility with any particular version. For the purposes of third party tools, you can configure ClustrixDB Xpand to display a specific version.


sql> select @@version;        
| @@version
| +---------------------------------+
| 5.0.45-clustrixXpand-95.13
| +---------------------------------+
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Changing the value of mysql_version may cause your application’s behavior to change.

Global Variables

These are the global variables related to version.

NameDescriptionDefault Value

Clustrix Xpand software version 

<auto populated>

The reported MySQL server version


format_versionA version string indicating the version of the software when the cluster was initial created.<auto populated>
versionThe reported server version<auto populated>

Caveats to Version Compatibility

Replication from


Xpand (Master) to MySQL (Slave) 

ClustrixDB Xpand can replicate to the following versions of MySQL with the using the specified  values set for mysql_version on the ClustrixDB Xpand master. See Using ClustrixDB Xpand as a Replication Master for instructions on configuration. 

MySQL version (slave)
Xpand mysql_version (master)5.0.*

Replication from ClustrixDB Xpand to ClustrixDB Xpand is not affected by the value for mysql_version

JDBC compatibility

Changing the MySQL value contained in version can have an impact on JDBC behavior, as JDBC will read the version and attempt to use features accordingly. ClustrixDB Xpand does not support the tx_read_only variable, which is used by JDBC when some specific MySQL values are set in version. The following chart outlines compatibility of Clustrix Xpand with different values for version and versions of JDBC: