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ClustrixDB can be deployed wherever CentOS 7.4+ is available -- in clouds (AWS, Rackspace, Azure) or on commodity hardware of your choice. For more on recommended hardware platforms, see ClustrixDB Xpand Reference Server Configurations.

MySQL Compatible

ClustrixDB utilizes MySQL syntax and constructs for SQL, DML, DDL, triggers, and stored procedures. For current MySQL users, that means that your present environment is likely already compatible with ClustrixDB. Although similar to MySQL, ClustrixDB was actually built from the ground-up. To see specific differences between ClustrixDB and MySQL syntax, see this articles about 2019-10-02_14-18-26_General Differences from MySQLSee MySQL Compatibility for more information.

ClustrixDB also supports the MySQL Replication protocol, including SBR and RBR. For more information, see Configuring Replication.


  • Dump the MySQL database with mysqldump.

  • Import database objects into ClustrixDB using the the dump ClustrixDB using clustrix_import tool.

  • Transfer Migrate users and permissions using the clustrix_clone_users tool.

  • Use MySQL replication to synchronize ClustrixDB with the most recent changes made to the MySQL database.

  • Cut over application servers to ClustrixDB.

For detailed information regarding migration, see Migrating to ClustrixDB Xpand from MySQL.