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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ML1 and version 9.2


  • It is important to note that database dump would need to be taken using mysqldump utility. No other existing backup methods e.g.  LVM snapshots, xtrabackup, etc can . may be used for migrating the database.
  • mysqldump command to be used for dumping MySQL database is provided below


  1. Retain privileges for all application logins on the MySQL slave instance, but keep the instance read only, by setting read_only global:

    slave> SET GLOBAL read_only = true;
  2. Enable binlogging on ClustrixDB, ensuring format is same as MySQL master.  To enable failing back to MySQL, the binlog must be created on ClustrixDB before application writes are allowed.

    CREATE BINLOG binlog_name [format='row']
  3. Once application servers have been cut over to ClustrixDB, the slave on ClustrixDB (from MySQL master) can be stopped.  Alternatively, bi-directional, or master-master replication can be configured, where ClustrixDB continues to replicate from MySQL, while MySQL also replicates from ClustrixDB.  This is a more complex configuration, with some caveats, as discussed in Configuring Replication Failover.
  4. Configure MySQL as a slave from ClustrixDB, using MySQL's CHANGE MASTER TO syntax, specifying the beginning (position 4) of the binlog created in step 2.