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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space ML1 and version 9.1


To join the ClustrixDB servers into a single unified cluster, connect to one ClustrixDB server and run a few SQL commands.

# set permissions for the pem file

shell> chmod 600 
# SSH into one of the ClustrixDB servers

shell> ssh –i 
[email protected]<ip
[email protected]_of_one_clustrixdb_
# Launch the mysql client
shell> mysql -u root   


The ClustrixDB AMI uses the clxd OS user to run the database process. An additional management (clustrix) is also configured. See Overview of OS Users and Managing Users and Privileges for more information.

Run the commands below where ip is the internal/private ip address of each node (10.0.x.y).

-- Set the cluster license
sql> SET GLOBAL license = 'license_key';

-- Create a cluster with the other nodes

sql> ALTER CLUSTER ADD 'ip', 'ip';

The ALTER CLUSTER command will initiate a short group change , after which the cluster is formed.


Create a user to be used during the import:. This should be done while logged into ClustrixDB as the root DB user.

-- Create a user for importing

sql> grant all on *.* to '
importuser'@'%' identified by '

For more information see: clustrix_import


The ClustrixGUI must be started with the following commands before the first time you access it.

shell> /opt/clustrix/bin/clx nanny stop_job clxdbi

shell> /opt/clustrix/bin/clx nanny start_job clxdbi 

Access the ClustrixGUI by typing the ip or hostname of one of your nodes into a web browser, include port :8080.  Chrome is the recommended web browser.