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This is documentation for a previous version of ClustrixDB. Documentation for the latest version can be found here

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New Features

ClustrixDB 9.2 is a major release that includes:

  • Enhancements to the usability and configurability of Partitioned Tables including support for REORGANIZE and EXCHANGE PARTITION
  • The ability to set the slice split threshold at the table level
  • More efficient processing for queries that use anti-semijoin

  • Support for replication from MariaDB 10.2+ to ClustrixDB using "old-style" replication. GTID features not supported.

  • Full support for autocommit = off

  • The sql_mode for STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is now supported and default. 

as well as numerous improvements to performance and stability. See the full release notes.

Clustrix 9.2 also includes beta support for Parallel Replication.

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