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  • ClustrixDB Installation Options

This is documentation for a previous version of ClustrixDB. Documentation for the latest version can be found here

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The ClustrixDB Installer examines your node and recommends a configuration suitable for your environment. 

Recommended defaults can be overridden as part of the installation. The following are specified as part of Step 2 of Installation. 






Memory to use for ClustrixDB, in MiB


The default value is auto-detected based on the amount of memory available.


CPU cores to use for ClustrixDB


All is suggested and advised, however, this can be any number that is less than or equal to the number of cpu cores licensed for a node.


Database Storage Path


The path used for ClustrixDB data.


Storage space to pre-allocate to Clustrix DB

This is the amount of space that will initially be allocated for device-1, permanent storage.


Database Logs Path


This directory contains the ClustrixDB logs (query.log, clustrix.log, debug.log, etc.).


MySQL Protocol Unix Socket


The location of the socket file that is necessary for communication to the database.


Database Listen Address

The IP address on which ClustrixDB will accept client connections. This may be a specific IP (if one is isolated for this purpose) or to denote that any connection is allowable.


Database MySQL TCP Port


3306 is the default TCP port used for accessing ClustrixDB.


Private (Back-End) IP

IP of current node

The Private (Back-End) IP is the IP that will be used for internode communication.

  • If your host has only one interface/IP, use that IP.

  • For multihomed hosts in which one or more networks are meant for client connections while another is designated for an internal "back-end" network, the IP provided should be the latter. This is particularly important in cloud environments for which a front-end IP may have special routing, filtering, or metering rules associated.


Back End Network TCP/UDP Port


24378 is the port that ClustrixDB uses for back-end network communication using both TPC and UDP.

10OS User



The operating system user.

11Management User


The management user.

12Allow ClustrixDB to modify sshd_config and /etc/hosts


This option enables Host Based Authentication between the nodes and allows them to communicate with each other via ssh.

Do not alter this parameter without assistance from Clustrix Support.


Enable HugeTLB memory allocation


Leave this parameter as Yes to enable additional (temporary) memory usage to facilitate faster system startup.

14ClxDBI Install Path/opt/clustrix/dbiThe path where the ClxDBI will be installed.
15ClxDBI Listen Address0.0.0.0The address at which ClxDBI listens.
16ClxDBI Log Path/data/clustrix/log/clxdbiThe path for logs generated by ClxDBI.
17ClxDBI PID File Path/var/run/clustrixThe location of the PID (process identification number) file for ClxDBI.
18ClxGUI Install Path/data/clustrix/clxguiThe path where the ClxGUI will be installed.
19ClxGUI Data Cache Path/var/cache/clustrixThe path for data cached by ClxGUI.
20ClxGUI Listen Address0.0.0.0The address at which ClxGUI listens.
21ClxGUI Listen TCP Port


The TCP port used for HTTP communication by ClxGUI.
22ClxGUI Log Path/data/clustrix/log/clxguiThe path for logs generated by ClxGUI.
23ClxGUI PID File Path/var/run/clustrixThe location of the PID (process identification number) file for the ClxGUI.

 If you have already installed ClustrixDB, see Modifying Startup Configuration Options.