This is documentation for a previous version of ClustrixDB. Documentation for the latest version can be found here

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ClustrixDB supports MySQL's replication protocol as both a Slave and a Master. It extends the functionality of MySQL by supporting the creation of multiple Slave instances that can connect to distinct replication Masters to consolidate servers. ClustrixDB also supports the creation of multiple binary logs (binlogs), each of which can correspond to specific databases and can be accessed by distinct replication Slaves.

When running multiple-Slave configurations, ClustrixDB takes advantage of each node by load-balancing replication connections in a round-robin fashion.

To ensure correct matching of Master and Slave data when replicating between ClustrixDB and a MySQL instance, set both DBMS' to the same time zone. If time zones differ, you risk mismatched data.

The following topics explain how to configure the cluster for replication, including replication to and from MySQL databases.

See also section on Replication concerns when performing Online Schema Changes.