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  • Shutting Down a Cluster

This is documentation for a previous version of ClustrixDB. Documentation for the latest version can be found here

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This topic tells you how to cleanly shut down all the nodes of a cluster for storage, moving, or long periods of planned inactivity. This shutdown procedure halts the database and writes the NVRAM (non-volatile RAM) contents to a mirrored partition for redundant storage, to ensure database safety and consistency.

When a single node is powered down for more than ten minutes, the cluster begins reprotecting that node's data until fault-tolerance is restored.

To shut down a node or cluster, issue the following command:

mysql> SHUTDOWN FULL {ALL | NODE [nodeid]};

To halt a cluster of node immediately, without a clean shutdown, refer to  The CLX Command-Line Administration Tool and the clx nanny commands, or simply press the power button on the nodes.

The node_id defaults to the node to which your session is connected. To shut down an entire cluster, issue the following command:


Applies to CLX4010 ONLY

After you start this process, remove power from the system before starting up again. The NVRAM is no longer battery-backed and batteries are not re-enabled until the units are powered up again.

Very few such units exist in production. If you purchased a system from Clustrix in 2009 or later, you do not have any such units.

Log in as root and issue the following command:

node# shutdown -h now

The NVRAM is now powered down and the battery backup unit is reset so that, when you reboot, the batteries are re-enabled. Your cluster is now ready for shipment or storage.

To ensure that a cluster will not form until all the nodes are restarted and ready (avoiding partial groups):


Where <n> is the expected number of nodes in the cluster. If <n> is not provided, the expected number of nodes in the cluster will be the current quorum. 


This statement causes '5' to be written to /etc/clustrix/expected_nodes on every machine in the cluster during the shutdown sequence. 


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