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This page describes how to upgrade ClustrixDB. If you have any questions, please contact Clustrix Support.

As of version 9, ClustrixDB supports RHEL/CentOS 7 and non-root user operation. For optimal performance and security Clustrix recommends utilizing this configuration. Non-root and OS changes require a fresh installation of ClustrixDB.


  1. All nodes must be online. The output of clx stat should indicate a cluster status of OK.
  2. Confirm that the upgrade package you have is compatible with your current version of ClustrixDB, including the OS version.

  3. Review the list of Upgrade Alerts included in the Release Notes. 
  4. All upgrades should be run as the ClustrixDB daemon user (clxd)
  5. Passwordless SSH authentication must be configured for the ClustrixDB daemon user (clxd). To verify this, confirm that the clx command returns successfully with no passwords requested: 

    shell> /opt/clustrix/bin/clx cmd 'date'  

    See Configuring SSH Authentication.

  6. Ensure that the clocks are synchronized between nodes. For instructions on syncing the clocks between nodes, see the Verify NTP is running on ClustrixDB.

To upgrade:

All ClustrixDB upgrade packages will upgrade the database and ClustrixGUI. The upgrader should be run from a single node and will upgrade all nodes in the cluster. ClustrixDB does not support downgrades.

Performing an upgrade will incur a short period of downtime.

  1. Download the upgrade package to a single node 

  2. (Optional) if you are using a non-default ssh port, set an environment variable

    shell> export CLX_SSH_PORT= ssh_port_number
  3. Run the upgrader as the database daemon user (e.g. clxd). If the database has been installed with root users only, then run the upgrader as root. 

    shell> sudo su clxd
    shell> ./clustrix-clxnode- version install

    This will upgrade every node in the cluster. While the upgrade is in progress, there is a brief period during which the database is unavailable.

    Because of an issue with the mariadb/mysql client, the command sudo -u clxd <command> does not use the correct user for sql logins and the upgrade will fail with an error. To upgrade successfully you must sudo to the clxd user with sudo su clxd or log in as that user directly.

Once the database portion of the upgrade is complete, the cluster is online. The UI portion of the upgrade will continue but the database is available. To verify that the upgrade has succeeded successfully, examine the value for clustrix_version

sql> select @@clustrix_version;        
| @@clustrix_version
| +---------------------------------+
| clustrix-9.2
| +---------------------------------+
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

For more on how version strings are reported, see ClustrixDB Version and MySQL Version Compatibility

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