ClustrixDB provides support for MariaDB Stored Routines (Procedures and Functions) with the following exceptions.

Unsupported Stored Routine Features

  • Altering a routine
  • Creating a view which calls a stored routine - ClustrixDB will permit the creation of the view, but querying the view is unsupported. 
  • Creating a prepared statement that calls a stored routine
  • SQL 2003 Compliant Case Statement
  • Savepoints
  • Backups via stored routines (stored functions)

Caveats of the Stored Routine Feature

  • MariaDB does not allow dynamic SQL in stored routines, but in ClustrixDB you can use SQL prepared statements (PREPARE, EXECUTE) in stored routines. 

  • ClustrixDB will not report an error when encountering duplicate label names.

  • When creating a table with a trailing select statement, (CREATE ... SELECT), the following data types do not translate properly:
    • BIT type will always be BIT(64)
    • DECIMAL type will become VDECIMAL
    • ENUM and SET types will always be VARCHAR(256)
  • Storing a TIMESTAMP in a session variable yields 0000-00-00 00:00:00.
  • ClustrixDB allows you to create a stored procedure with the same name as system built-in procedures. MariaDB does not permit this.
    Example: CREATE PROCEDURE pi(); BEGIN; END; does not error in Xpand.
  • ClustrixDB allows DROP or ALTER of another stored routine from within a stored routine

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