Reformat a node

You can reformat a node to remove its data without uninstalling Xpand by running the following commands. Be sure to remove the node from any clusters before reformatting.  

shell> rm /data/clustrix/pnid
shell> systemctl stop clustrix
shell> systemctl start clustrix

Uninstall Xpand completely

To uninstall Xpand and remove all data as well as the Xpand software, run this on each node:

shell> systemctl stop clustrix     
shell> /opt/clustrix/bin/uninstall_xpand

Systems that were installed to be run as root should also run the following:

shell> rm /dev/shm/*        

Uninstall XpandGUI

To uninstall XpandGUI only:

shell>  /opt/clustrix/clxgui/bin/uninstall    

Uninstall XpandDBI

shell> /opt/clustrix/clxdbi/bin/uninstall         
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