This page describes some Xpand-specific behavior of foreign keys

Supported with Foreign Keys

Xpand supports foreign keys and maintains referential integrity by default. 

Unsupported with Foreign Keys

  • Xpand does not support the referential action SET DEFAULT. 

Caveats with Foreign Keys

  • Xpand does not allow foreign keys with non-unique parents with referential actions CASCADE or SET NULL. When a schema with a foreign key referencing a non-unique parent is created or altered and uses CASCADE or SET NULL, Xpand will provide an error message.
  • Xpand does not validate that foreign keys reference columns with the same data type. 
  • If dangling foreign key references are created when foreign_key_checks is disabled, subsequent inserts will succeed even if foreign_key_checks is enabled.
  • Xpand allows self-referencing foreign keys.
  • Xpand does not require a key length to be specified when a foreign key references a BLOB or TEXT column.
  • When adding or dropping a foreign key, the reported number of rows affected does not reflect the actual number of rows.
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