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See also clustrix_import


To load data into the database, ClustrixDB provides the clustrix_import parallel import tool, which takes advantage of the clustered nature of our product to speed up the process. You can download a copy of the Import tool at the Clustrix Support Forums. The import tool requires Python 2.5 or later. If you don't have Python 2.5 installed, you can use the import tool directly from the cluster.

  1. Perform a mysql dump from your MySQL instance.
  2. Copy your mysql dump file to the /clustrix directory on any node.
  3. Download the Clustrix Import Tool and place it in the same /clustrix directory as the dumpfile.
  4. Untar the file on the same server as the MySQLDump and run the following command: 

To avoid problems resulting from known conflicts between USB Mass Storage drivers and ClustrixDB, do not import dumps that reside on external drives. Always copy the dumps to /clustrix on a node and import from there. The import tool connects to all nodes in the cluster, so run no more than one import at a time.

To import data, invoke the import tool as follows:

The import tool connects to the specified IP address and figures out which IP addresses belong to the cluster.

For full documentation of clustrix_import, please see the page clustrix_import.