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ClustrixDB 7.6 is now Generally Available.

The 7.6 release includes the ability to specify the number of simultaneous failures a cluster can tolerate without data loss, a new Administration WebUI, and support for SFTP for Backup and Restore. This release addresses also includes many changes that improve stability, mysql compatibility, and ease of use. Full release notes available here.

New Features

The 7.6 release also includes:

Upgrade Alerts


The following are key changes being made in the 7.6 version of Clustrix that should be reviewed before upgrading to this release:

  • Clustrix Insight has been retired and is replaced by the new ClustrixGUI. Upgrading to 8.0 will automatically install ClustrixGUI and remove the legacy Clustrix Insight.

  • is no longer available for email alerts. You must configure an smtp server to continue to receive database alerts. For guidance, please see Database Alerts.

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