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While Clustrix has many installations of its Appliance offering and will continue to support appliance-based deployments, Clustrix recommends that all new deployments use ClustrixDB Software on commodity hardware.

ClustrixDB is available in multiple platforms, including an optimized Database Appliance, as Software installed on Commodity Hardware, and in AWS.

Appliances have become taboo, as they imply vendor lock-in and exorbitant mark-ups. At Clustrix, we believe in transparent pricing and flexibility.
The Clustrix Database Appliance consists of carefully selected off-the-shelf components + a custom NVRAM card. With the exception of the NVRAM card, the Clustrix Appliance is similar to the recommended HBA server configuration described in our recommended hardware configurations.

For many of the reasons described in the platform recommendation, the appliance is a much better solution than choosing your own commodity hardware. The main advantages are as follows: 
  • The NVRAM card guarantees full durability without any loss of performance.
    • The NVRAM is also used to coalesce writes to the SSD to optimize performance and SSD durability by minimizing SSD write amplification.  We have customers with very high traffic for over 3 to 4 years which are still running their original SSDs.
  • The BOM and firmware in the appliance is controlled. Clustrix can provide spares over the lifetime of the product and guarantee to always work in your deployment. If a manufacturer makes a firmware change, Clustrix will test for compatibility or reprogram the part with matching firmware until the new firmware revision is validated.
    • Since the BOM is controlled, Clustrix works with the manufacturers to monitor the product roadmap and develops plans due to changes in the product life cycle and product roadmap.
    • The Appliance has a guaranteed supply chain. Clustrix works with suppliers to ensure that we can build the appliance regardless of industry events and shortages.
  • The appliance is used in our QA testbed and is tested on every release.
    • Appliance platform validation includes thermal testing over the specified environmental range of the product, Regulatory (EMI, EMC, power transient, etc.) and Safety testing/approvals.

The following table highlights some of benefits of the Clustrix Appliance:

Benefits of the ClustrixDB Appliance

 Benefits of the Clustrix Database ApplianceBenefits of Clustrix + Commodity Hardware or in AWS
Ease of Use
  • Easy to install/set up and also available as Database as a Service (DBaaS)
  • Install on existing hardware or AWS
  • Combined solution that integrates hardware and software
  • Fully durable database (Non-volatile RAM)
  • Tuned / Optimized Hardware configuration for high performance database applications using best of breed technology
  • Predictable linear scaling
  • Carefully selected and qualified components
  • Reliable, stable, and verified configuration (controlled Bill of Materials including firmware revisions)
  • Hardware selection can be tuned based on application neesd
  • Newest hardware
  • Take advantage of virtualization
    • efficient use of commodity servers
    • flexibility
    • ease of deployment
  • World class 24/7 Premium Support options for both hardware and software
  • Hardware sparing
  • Root cause analysis of hardware and software failures
  • Hardware upgrade patch for component EOL
  • World class 24/7 Premium Support options for software
  • Consistency of product
  • Turn-key solution
  • Pre-assembled, configured, tested product
  • Burned-in (infant mortality and DOA eliminated in advance)
  • Managed supply chain through component's life cycle
  • Thermal validation
  • Regulatory and Safety Approvals
  • Extensive automated test coverage for the database
  • Extensive automated testing for durability and fault tolerance
  • Extensive automated test coverage for the database
  • Automated test coverage for fault tolerance

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Clustrix Appliance History

New releases for the Clustrix Database Appliance follow the Intel Microarchitecture releases. The following figure illustrates the history of Clustrix Appliance SKUs:

More information about each Series

Getting Started on the Appliance

Comparison of ClustrixDB Platforms

CLX 4200 Series

The Clustrix CLX 4220 database appliance doubles the processing and capacity (i.e. to 2.1TB SSD) of the previous generation appliance. The system is based upon Intel’s Sandy Bridge-EP Micro Architecture.

CLX 4100 Series

The Clustrix CLX 4110 database appliance increases the processing and lowers the power consumption of the previous generation appliance. The system is based upon Intel’s Westmere-EP Micro Architecture.

CLX 4000 Series

Clustrix EULA Rev 1.3

Clustrix Database Appliance FRU Documentation

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